Darker Matter​/​/​/ Mixtape 2

by Geoff Rickly

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released June 20, 2013

Written & Performed by Geoff Rickly. Tracks 1 & 4 written & performed by Don Devore, Geoff Rickly. Track 5 written by Bill Fay, Performed by Don Devore, Geoff Rickly. Mastered by John Naclerio. Artwork by Liza de Guia.



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Geoff Rickly Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Crushed Penny
Who spent you, crushed penny?
You're worthless and heavy
And no one wants to pick you.

I don't mean to put you down.
I found you already.
You're worthless and buried
But I couldn't seem to put you down.

I don't mean to put you down
But no one wants to pick you up.
Track Name: Somewhere, Listening to Chet Baker Without Me...
In the nights I feel empty things without you.
In the days I hear empty things about you.
I can't feel this way about you.
So I keep my days at home and sleep alone
Because you're somewhere,
Listening to Chet Baker without me...

And when I hear a knock on my door
It's not you...
And when I hear a song, whispered in my ear,
It's not you...
(So why pretend?)
I can't feel this way about you.
So I keep my way home and sleep alone
Because you're somewhere,
Listening to Chet Baker without me...

the thrill is gone...
Track Name: HE'S EVIL!!!
I try to sleep but you're not next to me,
And I wonder where you are.
I don't know what happened
Or where things went wrong.
I can't tell which side I'm on
I just know it's somewhere else...

Alone and walking to the train
It's just one more block until I pass your place.
Empty silence fills the spaces between us
Like the unmarked pages of your diaries.
Two blocks separating us
"Plus the one in my brain"
I guess it's just like Elliot said:
I want to meet the man,
He's going to make it all ok.

I know time is running out.
I hear them coming through the walls.
I found out which side I'm on.
I'm just someone else...

I love you
I trust you
Please tell me it's going to be alright.
Track Name: Camille (B. Fay)
Someone came and took Camille away today
Everybody who watched had so much to say
Looking at the ground she hid her face
Still refusing to scream out her hate

She was everybody’s private property
You could read their minds “she belongs to me”
They would speak of her so jealously
It was oh so clear to see

And they all would boast, “oh yes, I know her well”
And her every thought they all could tell
But all they did the day she fell
Was shout the louder still
Track Name: Darker Matter
I've got 15 miles up ahead of me
It's been as many years since I could drive home legally
I know...
I've got 16 quarters in a paper cup
I call you 17 times but you never pick up
I know...
We were holding hands with God under the table.
We saw love in the eyes of every lost and lonely soul.
We were cheating at cards and we never wanted to pay up.
We were holding our breath hoping time wouldn't catch up with us.
And we'd be free...
I've got 19 votives and 20 prayers,
21 matches, I hope the angels still care about me.
I don't know...
I've got 22,000 dirty thoughts,
21,900 of them are about you.
Did you know?

Now everything I do is like running up the stairs
But when I reach the top you still won't be there
I know, I know...
Everywhere I turn it's just friends in sight
And the doctor says it's going to be alright
I know, I know...
Particles collide in the dead of the night
Well a part breaks free but no one knows where it goes.
I know. I know.
A flash when particles collide in the heat of the night
But you find dark matter when you're after the light.
I know.
I know.